Start Your Day With "Set It Off" By Juvenile AKA The Unofficial Song Of Woodie Portnoy

Woodie (Portnoy), Wassup, Woodie (Portnoy), Wassup, Woodie (Portnoy), Wassup
Set it off in this motherfucker

I’ll admit that I didn’t see two cousins arguing about politics, Larry King, and old SportsCenter anchors with Cousin Riggsy acting as the moderator becoming must listen radio. Good radio? Yes. Must listen? No.

But after the saga of Cousin Woodie Portnoy unfolded in front of our ears last night and this morning, I made sure to download the Sirius XM app so I will never miss a minute of the show, even when I’m out dropping Siena off at daycare. Another example of Dave Portnoy’s big brain being 3 steps ahead of the rest of us. Barstool Radio on Power 85 from 9-10 is the Electric Factory Dave has been telling us about all these years.

And of course there’s an entire compilation of Cash Money saying Whoadie because the internet is the greatest place on Earth.