Sweet Boston Sports Tonight TV Debut, Smitty!

BST: “Do you have a headshot you can send in?”

Me: “Um…I don’t think so. You can just Google image search Smitty Barstool and take whatever.”

BST: “OK we’ll grab something nice.”

End scene.

Called in and made my Comcast Boston sports debut tonight. Other than getting booted halfway through the segment because of poor audio on my end and them taking a stock photo of me looking like I’m getting goosed in a high school locker room, I have to say it went rather well. Good looks, Smitty!

For real this image is so damn absurd you have no choice but to respect it. I can just imagine what some 45-year-old divorced bookie in Southie was thinking while boozing and looking at this mug on the screen.

Can’t hate the full photo. That jacked fucked in the mid-2000’s, it still fucked hard for Barstool High ’17 picture day. 1st-Team All-State in the sport of AWESOME. #whatisclass #senioritis #lolz