Do You Want To Listen To A Bunch Of Old Computer Parts Recreate The Song "Africa" By Toto? Of Course You Do!

I’ll admit that today is a probably a pretty rough day for a lot of people. Patriots and Eagles fans are nursing their hangovers despite also being powered by a shit ton of excitement boiling in their bellies. Jaguars and Vikings fans are nursing their hangovers with nothing but misery in their bellies. And teams that hate the Patriots and/or Eagles are having a shitty day and are trying to convince themselves that everything is going to be alright. It’s Monday, it’s cold, and the NFL is almost out of our lives once again.

But I’m pretty sure Africa is one of the few songs everyone on God’s green Earth can rally around. Not quite a full-blown hangover cure, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt, like an ice cold Gatorade alongside a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Play that sweet melody on some old ass computer equipment that was made before free internet porn was on demand and you have yourself a good old fashioned time burner to kick off a slow work week.

And here are a couple other songs in case you need to make it to 5 PM and are running on fumes.


People helping people through the power of technology both new and old until SKYNET is fully operational and kills us all.

UPDATE: Since I mistakenly called the song Toto because my brain isn’t working, here is Rosanna, maybe the sexiest music video ever created.