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Annnnnnd we’re back down to Earth with an 0-3 Conference Championship Weekend! It may not make the most money, but it feels good to be back for where I belong- no winners and only getting a bang for my buck on 1 of the 2 games. Love it!

That Patriots/Jags over was definitely pretty fun. If I remember correctly, which I probably don’t thanks to a few cold ones, there was 2:40 or so left on the clock when Bortles took over following Amendola’s touchdown. The Over on the line. The Jaguars heading to the Super Bowl on the back of Blake Bortles on the line. It was all happening! Instead the Patriots just proceeded to stop Bortles on 4th and 14, got a first down off a 3rd and long run, and kneeled their lives away for a 24-20. Close but no cigar folks.

The NFC Championship was a tad bit of a different story. Just a real dreadful game for all parties involved outside the great city of Philadelphia. I couldn’t be more wrong when it came to Minnesota and having to realize they won’t be in the Super Bowl at home has taken a toll on me. I was so excited to learn about their can & can’t do’s would’ve been. Would they have been able to go home everyday after practice or have to stay in a team hotel? Would they have been allowed to blow the Gjallarhorn before kick-off? So many questions that we’ll never have answered after that atrocity of a game. Please tweet/dm me any more of these questions you may have because I find them interesting as fuck.

Well with the Super Bowl on the horizon comes one of the most under the radar gambling days of the year. I don’t think there’s an official name for it, but I guess it’s simply All-Star Weekend? Yup. We got the Senior Bowl, The Pro Bowl, and the NHL All-Star Game all bunched up in 2 days. Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, and Henrik Lundqvist has a nice ring to it. Who’s better than us? No one. We’re #Blessed. Let’s get to it.

  • Senior Bowl Over
    • Alright listen I couldn’t find the odds for this game anywhere. I guess they’ll come out tomorrow? No RE2PECT for the Senior Bowl anywhere. Just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score. Anyways you’d think a bunch of college seniors playing a game on January 27th would lead to a shit load of points! It’s the opposite. I never realized how low-scoring this game really is. The last 5 Senior Bowls have scores of 21-16, 20-10, 34-13, 27-16, and 16-15. Yes those are the score of the closest thing College Football has to an All-Star Game, not Indiana and Wisconsin’s last 5 meetings. But this year’s a little different as Baker is in Birmingham. It’s also the last tiny little taste of College Football we have until August. If that doesn’t call for the over then I don’t know what does.
  • Pro Bowl Over 70.5
    • Ahhhhh the Pro Bowl! What a day! All of football’s best players head down to Orlando for a fantastic football game in which the lineman always give 100%. It’s actually been pretty low-scoring in recent memory with scores of 20-13, 32-28, and 22-21 all within the last 4 years. It sure is not the glory days of 2010 when the scores would be 59-41. It looks like this year we’re betting they turn back the clock.
  • Buffalo at Ohio Over 158
    • Friday Night College Basketball is a sad state of affairs. You’re stuck in a world where the Ivy League and Horizon League rule all. So what do you do when you’re caught in a sad state of affairs? You turn to MACtion, whether it be football or basketball on hand. Wildcats against the Bulls has something like a 86-81 score written all over it!

Well that’s all for me this week, folks. As always you can find me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. I don’t know if you heard, but there’s a pretty big football game going on next Sunday, so we better win some cash in preparations for that. To get the fun started here’s OddsShark’s exotic betting page on the game because you and I both know you’re gonna bet some weird shit. Enjoy the weekend!