Many People Are Saying I'm The Songbird Of My Generation After This Karaoke Performance

So for the entire month of January I’ve been dieting and not drinking. My New Year’s resolution was to be healthier and hopefully shed a few pounds. It’s been going really well. I’ve been hitting the elliptical 5 days a week(#gang), I’ve miraculously stuck to my strict diet and I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol. I feel a million times better. The only downside is I’ve been snubbing my friend Keith (better known to the public as Kmarko) and he thinks I hate him cause I won’t grab a drink with him. The strain it’s putting on our friendship is painful. I’m determined to fix it.

Anyway. On Saturday my friend Paul (better known to the public as Gaz) hit me up and asked if I wanted to go to brunch. I thought why not? I’ve been doing great. My confidence is at an all time high due to all the compliments people have been giving me about how I look. Might as well celebrate a little. So I met up with my pal and started consuming alcohol. And wouldn’t you know it, Pub Trent returned in a hurry. He is a menace. Next thing you know we were at a karaoke bar and Country Grammar came on the screen. I leapt to my feet and corralled a microphone. The video above is what followed. A stirring rendition of Nelly’s 2000 smash hit. Many people are saying it was the performance of a lifetime. I can’t say I disagree. There might’ve even been a few tears shed in the crowd.

Here’s the bottom line. If I have a few drinks in me and you put on Nelly at a karaoke bar, I’m gonna grab the mic and burn the house down. That’s just the way it goes. I’m not even a big karaoke guy. I rarely do it but sometimes the moment calls for it. And where did those dance moves come from? I’m not sure. I surprised myself. I have a checkered past when it comes to drinking and Nelly music but this time worked out for the best.

Pub Trent and Paulie Playoffs forever #PubPals

(sorry Keith)