Eagles Fans Are Raining Cans Of Beer At Vikings Fans During Today's Tailgate In Philly

Usually a beer shower is a good thing. Maybe your team just won a championship and some ice cold brewskis get popped with champagne. Maybe you are Stone Cold’ing like a maniac after a personal victory of some sort (See: Pat McAfee). Or maybe you are drinking beers while in the shower to save time during a pregame, which is a veteran movie.

But when you are wearing an opposing jersey in Philadelphia during the playoffs, it probably means you are getting beers tossed at you like it’s The Freakness infield during the late 2000s.

I just hope Eagles fans don’t try to spinzone this. Bills Mafia break each other through flaming tables. Packers fans moon the other team. And Eagles fans throw containers full of food and/or drink at the visiting team’s fans. Just own it.

That tweet is timeless.