Pat Shurmur's Wife Leading A Skol Chant During The Flight To Philly Proves She's A Company Girl™

Look at that leadership! That’s exactly the type of camaraderie I like to see out of a fanbase. One team, one heartbeat. No back-biting or feuding. Just a plane full of Company Guys and Company Girls willing to do or go wherever is necessary to with their eyes squarely on the prize.

And the best part about it is that Mrs. Shurmur is leading the charge. They say behind every great man is a great woman. Well if you say that shit in 2018, you may get shanked. Which is why I’m proud that both Shurmurs know how to lead together, equally, shoulder to shoulder. While Pat is coaching up Case Keenum on the field, his wife is rallying the troops off of it. Best coach/wife combo since Eric and Tami Taylor were stacking Texas High School State Championships down in Dillon.

Oh yeah and the fact that Jennifer Shurmur is a dead ringer for Carmela Soprano makes me even more confident that hiring Pat was the right move for the Giants.


After seeing this, I truly believe that the Shurmurs and the GMen are a match made in Jersey heaven, no matter how much of an oxymoron that sounds like. The Vikings beating the Eagles is the final thing needed for me to give my blessing to the Shurmurs becoming the next First Family of Big Blue.

h/t steph and gary