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I Think Vanessa Stiviano Just Invented Paparazzi Kryptonite With This Face Visor Thingy





BOOM! Have fun taking your pictures when you’re staring into the face of a tinted out visor bitches. I don’t even know what that thing is. It looks like one of those Golf Visors the Asian women that take 10 hours to play 18 holes and never let you play through wear, only on steroids (that’s not racist because Vanessa Stiviano is half asian). Either that or a Welder’s mask. Next level attire for the chick who just released the most salacious tape of all time. Now all she needs to do is stop wearing frumpy tutu’s and t-shirts that look like a child’s bed sheets and we may just have something here. Also stop taking pictures with black people, but you already knew that rule.