Aly Raisman Ripped Scumbag Larry Nassar To Shreds In Court Today: "You Are Nothing"

Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit. Aly Raisman is FED UP. She’s rightfully fed up with EVERYTHING. She just went scorched Earth on absolutely everyone who allowed scumbag Larry Nassar to sexually abuse countless innocent children for DECADES. She saved the most vicious punches for Larry Nassar himself though. When she stared into Larry Nassar’s soul and told him “you are nothing” I was ready to run through a goddamn wall. Nassar has no choice but to kill himself after that. He should kill himself anyway but Aly Raisman just bodied him. What a ginormous piece of garbage Larry Nassar is. The fact that he has to sit there and listen to all of these women tell him what a ginormous piece of garbage is and how he damaged their lives is exactly what he deserves (along with a lengthy prison sentence that hopefully ends with him getting beat to death in his cell).

This is obviously a very sensitive topic. It’s tough to watch all these women get up there and describe the horrors they went through at the hands of a guy they were told to trust but that was an incredible speech. At one point Aly Raisman is basically shouting she’s so fucking pissed at everyone. Fed. Up. That was a Stand-Up-And-Give-A-Standing-Ovation type of speech. The people in that courtroom might very well still be standing and applauding Raisman for her speech. It’s extremely shitty that any of this ever happened but Aly Raisman just made one hell of a statement.