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Known Front-Runner The Empire State Building Will Be Donning Eagles And Patriots Colors On Sunday Night

Well everyone’s least favorite skyscraper is at it again. Have a little civic pride for me one time, Empy! New York’s nickname is literally The Empire State. You cannot light up the New York City sky up with the colors of Enemies number 1 and 2 in New York football after you take said nickname for yourself. I mean I personally have no beef with the Patriots. But I know Jets fans have a grudge against the franchise that constantly rips out their soul. And any Giants worth their salt is praying that Smitty’s heart is shattered into a million pieces on the Electric Chair Sunday nigiht. To have the city’s 2nd tallest building rocking enemy colors before a season is bad enough.

But to do it as every New York fan lives and dies with every snap out of pure spite while Philly transplants sing Fly Eagles Fly is disgusting. Fuck that big dumb bitch Empy. Team Freedom Tower for motherfucking liiiiife.


Can’t wait to go to the top of One World Observatory with some New York colors filling the city’s sky.