This Four-Year-Old's Reaction To "Batman" Calling Him Should Brighten Your Day Tenfold

Ah, the innocence of youth. Back when all we cared about was Batman, Star Wars, and pro wrestling. I remember the days! This is like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing that Santa ate the cookies you left for him, but WAY cooler. I can relate to this kid because I was also into Batman ’66 at his age, but back in my day the show wasn’t as easily accessible as it is now. I had to have my parents record the reruns that’d play on TV Land onto VHS tapes and HOPE that it was an episode I’d never seen. I couldn’t just pop-in the Blu Ray and have every episode ever all at once. That’s neither here nor there, though. Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman was as suave as anyone to ever walk this earth, so getting a call from “him” is gonna be something he tells kids about at preschool for months to come.

The person actually on the other end of this call is Ralph Garman, host of the ‘Hollywood Babble-On’ podcast along with Kevin Smith. He’s a longtime voice actor on Family Guy, he’s been in just about everything Seth MacFarlane has made outside of Family Guy, and he was the host of the incredibly underrated Joe Schmo Show. He’s a very funny guy, and I’ve been a longtime fan of his, so seeing him go viral for something so cool like this is really neat. Hopefully it got a smile out of you on this Friday morning.