Marilyn Manson May Have A New Guitar Player, And It's...You Guessed It - Johnny Depp!

Let’s goooo! Match made in heaven! The Mega Powers collide!

Edward Scissorhands is basically the movie embodiment of Marilyn Manson’s music so this seems like the perfect fit to me. Johnny Depp is a sneaky awesome guitar player if you weren’t aware, and is currently in a supergroup called Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry (of Aerosmith), Robert DeLeo (of the Stone Temple Pilots), and Matt Sorum (of Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), and he’s been friends with Manson forever, even working with him in this video…

…so let’s let the weirdos be weirdos together. I feel like a Marilyn Manson show would be a WILD time that I’d like to experience for myself, but I’m waaaay too much of a pussy to put up with his insane fans. Remember the videos on MTV of them pelting his opening acts with batteries? Throwing shards of glass at them because Marilyn Manson is god and anyone that’s not him should die?! Fucking insanity! Johnny Depp seems like a guy who would fit right in with that squad. Hope he facepaints it up and throws on a corset. Just get as weird as possible because at 54 years old, why not?