Here's A Headline I Never Expected - Brian Urlacher's Baby Mama Is Suing Him For 125 Million Dollars Claiming He Painted Her As A Murderer

(Source) The mother of Brian Urlacher‘s 12-year-old son claims the ex-NFL star has conspired with attorneys and a news reporter to paint her as a murderer … and now she’s suing for $125 MILLION. 

The woman behind the suit is Tyna Karageorge — who had a child with Urlacher in 2005. She later married Ryan Karageorge, who died from a gunshot wound to the head in Dec. 2016. 

Tyna had told police she and Ryan had been arguing on the night of the fatal shooting — and at one point, he reached for a pistol in her purse and shot himself. 

In her suit, Tyna claims Urlacher — along with his lawyers and a reporter for the Chicago Tribune — concocted a diabolical plot to convince officials and the public that the shooting was NOT a suicide, but rather Tyna murdered Ryan. 

Tyna claims Urlacher called the shots in the plot hoping to ultimately get custody of their son. 

That is a DOOZY of a headline. Not really sure what’s going on here but I’ll simply state that Urlacher didn’t do it. Whatever it is, he didn’t do it. You know why I’m so sure he didn’t do it? Because a guy with an unironic barbed wire tattoo doesn’t seem like the mastermind behind a murder/suicide framing plot. That’s a simple defense right? Like hey Judge, see this tat, I got this because I thought it was a badass way to get laid, now tell me again how I concocted an elaborate plan to frame a suicide as a murder so that I can get custody of my son. Case Closed. Stop talking about this, and start talking about the important things, like Canton 2018 for 54. Let’s all just hope he ditches the fake hair for his acceptance speech. Some things will never become normal.

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