Apparently Jacoby Ellsbury's NYC Apartment Has Been Cleaned Out....Hmmmmm

Miracles? Do you believe in them? Could Ellsbury be simply upgrading his apartment in the city because we gave him a $153 million contract? He very well could be, in which case I’m gonna need a drink. We’ve reach the “Door Man Rumors” portion of the offseason and I’m clearly losing my mind. Who is this Mike Ozanian fellow you might ask?

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.59.00 PM

Alright he works for Forbes. That’s enough for me to trust him because when it comes to getting Jacoby Ellsbury out of my life, I’ll believe anything. If Brian Cashman gets rid of this contract, or at least half of it, it will simply prove he’s a sorcerer and has the ability to make anyone do anything. Now that Clint Frazier has apprently survived the trade winds, there really is no room for Jacoby on the 25 man roster. If the Yanks got rid of Clint, you could make a case for Jacoby to be the 4th outfielder. At least he’d have a role, even though I’d hate every second of it. But now he’s the fifth outfielder. Or he’d be on the roster and prevent Clint from getting time which would make zero sense. Get rid of Ellsbury and go get me Yu Darvish and Josh Harrison.

27 Days until Spring Training