It's So Cold In Russia Right Now That People's Eye Lashes Are Freezing Off Their Faces

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USA TODAY- There’s cold, then there’s Siberia cold. Oymyakon, Russia — already considered the world’s coldest permanently inhabited town — sank to a mind-numbing 88 degrees below zero on Tuesday. That’s even colder than the average temperature on Mars, which is 80 below zero, according to Amazingly, 88 below isn’t even the record low temperature in this remote, diamond-rich Russian region of Yakutia, a part of Siberia. Residents there took the cold in stride as evidenced by social media images of cold-weather selfies and stories about stunts in the extreme temperatures, the Associated Press said. Women posted pictures of frozen eyelashes, while Yakutia Media published a photo of Chinese students who got undressed to take a plunge in a thermal spring.

88 degrees below zero! If you touched those eyelashes they would shatter into 10,000 pieces. Why in the fuck are those people outside? Well I know why actually. They did it for The Gram. That picture of the woman with frozen eye lashes is gonna get HELLA Likes on Instagram. People will tag their friends like, “You think it’s cold where you are? Check this!” That picture will be in TIMES magazine. It might be the picture of the year. But still, it’s crazy for those people to even think abut going outside in that type of weather. I fancy myself pretty adaptable. I’m willing to walk through a snowstorm to get to work. 88 degrees belief zero, though? Fuck that shit. You can find me lounging with my feet up watching

Then again, it is Russia. The article says 88 degrees below zero isn’t even the record which is insane. I didn’t look it up but my guess i the record is like 400 degrees below zero. Nothing would shock me when it comes to Russia. They’re a different breed. We deal with snow and cold because we know there’s brighter days ahead. Not Russia. We were merely adopted by the cold. Russians were born in it, molded by it. There were likely Russians outside trying to get their tan on while it was negative 88 degrees out. Vladimir Putin probably rode through town shirtless on a horse. No weakness can be shown in that part of the world. So when the cold tries to fuck you in the face, you fuck it in the face right back.