Ben McAdoo Interviewing For The Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator Position Makes Me Sad

Oooooof. As if it wasn’t bad enough watching my pal Benny become a sell out and lose his job over the last year, now I may have to watch him calling plays in the Factory of Sadness on the Red Zone Channel whenever all the other games being played are in commercial. I hoped that McAdoo would go back to the coal mines of Homer, PA, humble himself, and find the old Benny that was more worried about football than looking good. But instead of living that good severance life, Benny’s looking to get back on that horse that bucked him off in embarrassing fashion.

To be honest, I don’t know which would be a worse look for McAdoo: Getting the job or not getting the job for a team that has gone 1-31 over the last 2 seasons. And if the Browns do hire him, will it be because the Giants offense was actually good when he was the offensive coordinator or because Cleveland is Trusting The Process for one more season and Top 1 draft pick with Hue Jackson? No matter what the answer is, I just feel bad for my friend Benny, who better have ditched the Wall Street McAdoo haircut if he wants a chance for that job. You can have slicked back hair if you threepeat as the Lakers coach in L.A. But the offensive coordinator of a shitty Cleveland Browns team better have a haircut resembling this glorious mop.



Just throwing this out there to test the waters in case the people of Cleveland are interested…