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Logan Paul Thinks Logan Paul Deserves A Second Chance

Dude. Or should I say, bro. Just do it. Just start making videos again. Who cares? Second chance? The news cycle moves so fast that most people don’t even remember why they were mad at him. Something about a forest? Who knows. I can’t stress that part enough. The president called a bunch of countries “shitholes” since then. A ballistic missile almost hit Hawaii since then. Meadow Soprano gave birth to Lenny Dykstra’s son’s kid since then. Nobody cares about a controversial YouTube video from two weeks ago. I’m not saying I want Logan Paul to start making videos again. That’s not what I’m saying. I’ll never watch a single Logan Paul video. I’m saying the only way he gets through this is to start making videos again.

Oh a bunch of sponsors pulled their money and YouTube is mad? Who carrrrreeeeeessssssss. There’s really no such thing as bad publicity. The next video Logan Paul posts is going to be his most-viewed video of all time. No doubt about it. This is the internet. You just gotta keep moving forward. There’s a man within these walls who is learning that very same lesson.


Also, you think Logan’s fans give a fuck that he wandered around a suicide forest and discovered a dead body? NOPE. They’re more pissed at him for not posting videos anymore. Do whatever your fan base wants. My president 50 Cent once said, “If they hate then let’em hate and watch the money pile up.” Logan Paul should heed that advice.

PS- You can tell from that TMZ video that Logan Paul doesn’t actually give a shit about the suicide forest video. He was holding back laughter during that whole thing. How does he make money? What a stupid question from that guy. Logan Paul makes like 12 million dollars a year. He’s got everyone from ages 10-16 on a string. He’s gonna be just fine.