"Tex's Thoughts" - 4 Min On Rough N' Rowdy, Karaoke, Dystopian Orwellian Societies (Seriously), And Somehow More!

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Episode 5 of Dylan Stone’s unnamed 4-6 min “podcast” – Tex’s Thoughts – is live for all who dare to enter his mind. Why am I the one in charge of screening his mind to see if his audible Creed Bratton blog is safe enough for the masses? I’m not too sure, either. He records it by himself then texts me “Whatdya got?” right after. I guess I am his moral father figure after rescuing the wild animal for National Geographic in Alabama. His mistake.

Overall we got a dash of the eclectic: Rough N’ Rowdy, nightlife, dystopian Orwellian society (seriously) and life. Good luck.

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