Zion Williamson Throws Down A Terrifying Series Of Dunks In Response To Getting Booed For Not Dunking

According to Instagram, fans were upset Zion wasn’t dunking during warmups so he got upset and took it out on the rim. As a guy who’s been dunked on multiple times, this is terrifying for several reasons. First, there’s intimidation factor. Most of the time when someone dunks during a drill it’s because they can’t do it during a game. In the case of Zion, his athleticism has essentially removed layups from his repertoire. He jumps so high that if he doesn’t do something in the air he’ll get bored. Why place the ball in the net when you can ram it through? Which can be problematic if you’re on the opposing team. I saw a guy throwing himself ally oops during my men’s league warm up and got butterflies knowing it was only a matter of time before it happened to me. Luckily, I didn’t see it coming and it was over fast but the gym still exploded.

Second, is he responds to the crowd. To him it’s more than a game, it’s a show. He doesn’t want to beat his opponents he wants to embarrass them. He doesn’t have competition, he has victims. And it’s his mission to make them, and the crowd remember who is. He’s the kind of guy who takes joy in calling iso in a packed gym. He’s an on-court bully. The worst kind of player to play against.

Unfortunately for him, bullies get humbled. It may not happen this year, and it may not happen next, but it will happen. Probably at the hands of a LeBron James or a Kevin Durant. So get the pregame theatrics out of your system now, Zion. Because if you start doing that during the big leagues, guys will make it their mission to embarrass you. It can happen to anyone,  just ask Dwight Howard.