Crazy Video Of Fire Fighter Catching A Toddler Who Was Thrown From Burning Building

Firefighters kicked down doors, caught babies and rescued wheelchair-bound adults after a massive fire tore through a DeKalb County apartment on January 3, 2018, officials said. The blaze at the Pine Tree Circle complex forced parents to jump from balconies and toss children as young as 1 month old to waiting firefighters below, DeKalb fire Capt. Eric Jackson said. “We were catching babies like a football,” Jackson said. “Literally.”

Amazing. Being in that chaos and having the wherewithal to catch a child who was thrown off a ladder into your arms from a burning building. Firefighters dont get enough credit. Often times when they are called, it’s the most dangerous moment of the caller’s life. People are freaking out. Things are insane. They remain the calm voice, in heavy gear, and stand ready to catch a baby or whatever else is thrown their way. Remarkable.