NFL Shop Heartlessly Sends Conference Championship Gear Emails to Fans of the Losing Teams


SourceIt’s bad enough to watch your favorite team’s Super Bowl hopes evaporate with a loss in the Divisional Round. Nobody needs the NFL Shop rubbing salt in those wounds with an email mistake. Except that’s exactly what fans of the Saints, Falcons, Titans, and Steelers woke up to on Monday morning.

On behalf of everyone in New England, welcome to our world, Atlanta, Tennessee and Pittsburgh. I leave out New Orleans because our Gate Brothers know what we’ve been saying all along: The NFL is cruel. Vicious, sadistic, Schadenfreudally cruel. That is no bloodless corporate entity. It is the focus of evil in the universe, feeding off the suffering of the very people to whom it owes its existence. This was no accident. The Fake Hawaii Missile Warning was an accident. And 1,000 times easier to understand than blast emails being sent in error, adding insult to already injured fanbases. This was done deliberately.

Why? I have no idea. There are people who get in touch with grieving families just to taunt them. There is no rationality to human cruelty any more than there is justification for it. Maybe there are just powerful men in the NFL who need to inflict pain just to get erections. Such people exist. And rather than do it in a wholesome, normal, Christian Gray sex dungeon kind of way, they like to mock suffering football fans. Like I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the next email these poor bastards get try to sell them t-shirts for (respectively) Bountygate, 28-3, Kevin Dyson/Mike Jones and every Steelers/Patriots game of the last 17 years. While we are sorry for your losses (not really), don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.