BREAKING NEWS - I Have Been Suspended From ARod Corp For 1 Week Without Pay

Well, I really beefed up on this one. Apparently the ARod Corp “Annual Big Meeting” is today and I completely forgot to check my calendar. Fucking Rovell is there and I’m not. I tried to save face by saying I have Diarrhea.


Which I do (yesterday was my cheat day and I ate 2 pints of ice cream). But fair is fair. And ARod is the best boss in the business world for a reason. He treats all his employees firm but fair. So looks like its the pine for me. 1 week suspension no pay.

I’m disappointed in myself. I let the team down. All I can do is use this as a learning experience and get better. That’s my promise to you, to ARod Corp, and to the bossman himself. I just pray J-Lo didn’t see my diarrhea tweet, very unbecoming for a man of the Corp.


Look at those computers. If that doesn’t scream business I don’t know what does. The entire global economy right at his fingertips. Big Baller City

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 1.42.09 PM