Jaromir Jagr. Huge Lacrosse Guy

Jaromir Jagr’s time with the Calgary Flames so far has been… well… not so great to say the least. He’s scored just 1 goal and 7 points on the season so far. He’s been in and out of the lineup. And he hasn’t played a game in 2018 yet. He was just put on IR by the Flames and it looks like both sides are trying to do whatever they can to throw the contract in a paper shredder and forget this whole ordeal ever happened. It’s a damn shame considering Jagr is a legend and the way his career is ending right now is exactly what everybody was worried about.

So with hockey in Calgary not currently working out for Jags, he decided to ditch his hockey stick for a lax twig and give it a go with the Calgary Roughnecks before their game against the Georgia Swarm the other night. And I have to admit, seeing Jaromir Jagr with a lacrosse stick in his hands makes me feel some type of way. That type of way, of course, meaning extremely aroused.

I’ve never really given it much thought but pro box lax seems like the perfect landing spot for post-retirement Jags. You give him some time just to get used to the stick and he’s good to go. You ever seen the ass on Jaromir Jagr? He could back his way down to the cage on anybody. You don’t need to be the greatest sniper in the world when every shot you take is from right on top of the crease. You put him out there at the low left spot with a guy like Curtis Dickson to set up on the backside and all of a sudden, the Roughnecks are scoring every time they have the ball. All I’m saying is that if the Flames aren’t going to put Jagr in the lineup, it’s at least an option that’s worth exploring.