Taking A Knee To Run Out The Clock In Madden Is Perfectly Acceptable And If You Don't Agree You're Not A Winner In Life

So Mo and I took part in our first live Madden contest together. I’m a PS3 guy, Mo’s Xbox. I went into his house on Xbox and took his lunch money with a 21-17 victory. Really wasn’t even as close as it sounds. But with 1:30 left and Mo having no time outs because he and Andy Reid went to the same school of clock management, I line up in the Victory formation to seal the deal. Would do it 1000/1000 times because it’s not only the safe move but I like to take mercy on my prey. This is the congratulatory handshake I get:

Is this real life? Cry me a fucking river dude. I don’t care if we’re playing real life football, Madden or Rock, Paper, Scissors. I have no issues with being THAT GUY who is way too competitive playing board games because you wanna know what, I’m a winner. Winners do whatever it takes to win the game. I don’t need to act like by dick’s dark by rubbing it in with trying to put points on the board or tease you with a run up the middle to give that .00000001% hope of a fumble, scoop and score. Nope. I’ll wipe my ass with your team up and down the field for 4 quarters then win like a gentleman. Plus taking a knee is still a live play. You can Greg Schiano it all you want to try to cause a fumble (have NO issues with that in real life either, btw).

You play to win the game. Period.

And don’t even get me started with the screen watching I experienced during that game. SpyGate times infinity.

PS – My immediate feelings when I saw that crybaby Tweet: