How Come Nobody Is Talking About The Offensive Coordinator That Called The Perfect Play That Led To The Minnesota Miracle?

So we’ve all seen this play a kabillion times. Stefon Diggs is the toast of the sports world. Marcus Williams is the goat (lower case version) of said figurative world. Mike Zimmer is the Football Guy grinder that earned his first postseason W with nothing but grit and defensive acumen. And the Case Keenum puff piece machine will be set to High over the next week.

But the one person I have not heard a peep about is Pat Shurmur. You know, the guy who called the play that went for 61 yards and won the game for the Vikings. You know how hard it is to win a game with 10 seconds left, no timeouts, the defense playing the sidelines, and your franchise’s history being marred by missed field goals in the playoffs? But all Pat Shurmur did was draw up the perfect play that led to yesterday’s absolutely outrageous ending. If any other offensive coordinator had done that, the media would be S’ing his D nonstop. But not Patty Melt. He just stayed calm, cool, and collected before picking out the perfect play when everybody else thought all hope was lost. Shurmur probably knew Williams’ tackle and Hit Stick Madden ratings were crap and waited for the perfect moment to exploit those weaknesses for 6 points. And did you see the win probability chart from right before the Diggs play?


That 4% is what they call the Shurmur Difference. Most offenses would be at less than 1% in that situation. But not an offense helmed by The Shurmurnator. Like Han Solo, you never tell Pat Shurmur the odds. You give Shurmur a rookie Sam Bradford, he gives you a rookie of the year. You give him Nick Foles, he gives you a 27:2 TD:INT ratio. You give him the Cleveland Browns, he gives you 8 more wins in 2 seasons than the current coach has over his last two. You give him Sam Bradford AND Case Keenum, he gives you a Top 11 offense*, a spot in the NFC Championship and the most memorable play in franchise history. While everyone continues to wax poetic about the throw, the catch, the missed tackle, the run, and the fans reactions, Patrick Carl Shurmur will be locked in a film room in Minnesota picking apart the Eagles defense feather by feather. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. #ItsShurmurdaaaaaa

*Top 11 clearly means 11th, but putting Top in front of a number always makes it more impressive. That’s an old journalism trick I’ve picked up


This blog has been written and brought to you by Giants Fans Trying To Convince Themselves That Pat Shurmur Is A Good Coach Because It’s Looking More And More Likely That He Is Going To Be The Next Head Coach Of The G-Men