Robbers Attempt To Hold Up A 7-Eleven Using Fake Guns, Promptly Get Shot By A Security Guard That Has A Very Real Gun

I’m pretty sure this video just gave birth to a new saying. “Bringing a knife to a gun fight” has officially been replaced by “Bringing a fake gun to a gun fight”. At least you can stab someone with a knife if you get close to them. People with a real gun aren’t going to feel threatened by a knife because they know they can pull an Indiana Jones on your ass at any given moment.

You can’t do much with a fake gun outside of a pistol whip and I feel like those only work in movies and TV shows. All a fake gun is going to do is make the trigger finger itchy for people that have real guns that fire real bullets. And that’s exactly what happened here with the CLEAR front runner for Security Guard of the Year. Yeah I know we are only halfway through January, but anybody that can take down two would-be armed robbers with non-fatal shots and drop a line like “Oh well, mine’s is real” during a tense moment before nonchalantly shooting the 2nd guy is a lock for the hardware in my eyes. Granted these are clearly two of the worse thieves in the history of thievery. I mean one of these guys asked if he was shot after the security guard lit him up from point blank range. If you are coming in hot to a 7-Eleven, you better be ready for somebody carrying a pistol. It could be the clerk, it could be the security guard, and it could be a card-carrying customer. But in the words of an old (and probably upcoming) Barstool Patriots shirt, somebody packing heat in a convenience store is more likely than not.