Can The Steelers Finally Beat The Pats?


So it’s been a long off season for the Pats, but football has finally returned to Foxboro.   It’s the unofficial season opener for the Pats.  I’m not talking the preseason anymore.   The Afc Championship is next week and it’s not too early to discuss whether the Steelers will finally be able to do what they haven’t been able to do in 2 decades.  And that’s of course beat the Patriots. Lots of experts are saying this will be their year. That Brady is finally starting to show his age. That the Pats needed a miracle to beat them a few weeks ago. We can’t stop the run. On and on it goes. But these people are what Shakespeare would refer to as morons.  Listen Pittsburgh can’t beat the Patriots. Not this year. Not ever. Belichick is too smart. Tomlin is too stupid. Brady is too handsome. Big Ben is too ugly. And mix in the fact James Harrison was just run out of Pittsburgh and wants to prove to all the fans that burned his jersey that he can still play and all signs point to another Patriot blowout victory.

The Pick – I’ll See You In Minnesota!