This "8th Grader" Dunking All Over Middle Schoolers Is The Most Unfair Thing I Have Ever Seen

BAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHA. There is nothing else I can do while watching that video other than laugh. That kid grown ass man player goes coast to coast and yams that shit down like he was playing on 6 foot rims while wearing some retro Pat Ewing knee pads. Goddamn hilarious. The only way that “kid” is in 8th grade is if Zion Williamson had a son when he was 4 years old. Putting him against high schoolers or anything less than a NCAA power conference even seems unfair.

That ref has quite a game in front of him too. They say calling fouls against Shaq in the NBA was tough because of how big and dominant he was. I don’t think this ref can blow a whistle unless the black team uses steel chairs and sledgehammers on defense. And even then, it’s probably an unfair fight. But everything seems to check out on this kid’s league registration form.


A for effort from this kid however.


Always gotta have your hands up on defense. That’s Day 1 stuff. I’d say to try to draw a charge against someone that takes it to the hole with total disregard for human life. But if this kid did that, the gym’s janitor would still be picking pieces of his body out of the hardwood.