McDonald's Unveils New Uniform For Ronald McDonald Which Basically Just Reminded Us That Ronald McDonald Is The Creepiest Idea Ever

Special Occasions








(Source) The clown is getting a makeover. Ronald McDonald is ditching his iconic yellow jumpsuit, and for the first time ever, joining social media. McDonald’s announced Wednesday that Ronald will now sport mustard yellow cargo pants and a red and white striped rugby shirt topped by a sleeveless yellow zip-up jacket. For “special occasions,” there’s a red bowtie and blazer with his signature on the back. His hair is a little tighter too. But those big red boots remain the same.

While he won’t get his own Twitter account, the clown will interact with social media users on existing McDonald’s accounts using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald. “Selfies …here I come!” the spokescharacter was quoted in McDonald’s announcement as saying. “It’s a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do…I’m ready to show how fun can make great things happen.”




WOW, what a change by McDonald’s here. This is like when an NFL team changes a color on the piping off their uniform so that they can do some big press release and everyone has to buy the new one even though it’s exactly the same. So you mean to tell me Ronald McDonald added cargo pants and a weird vest? Awesome. Big time news guys. Totally going to increase sales with this one.


And if we’re being honest here McDonald’s, all this did was remind me how fucking creepy your mascot is. I don’t think any normal person actually thinks about Ronald McDonald in their day to day life. Out of sight out of mind. But this is basically saying “Hey don’t forget guys, we have a hamburger selling clown as our mascot that will haunt your dreams and eat your brain, oh and if you have a kid he’ll give him a toy too and most likely diddle him”. That’s all I got out of it. A clown selling hamburgers, fucking weird McDonalds, get out of my face. Burger King and free Final Four trips for life.