Even Jen Selter Attending Last Night's Game Couldn't Inspire Kristaps Porzingis And The Knicks To Beat The Bulls


NY Post- Add another page to the Kristaps Porzingis-Jen Selter story. Selter, the fitness Instagram model who has expressed interest in KP, was sitting a few rows off the court Wednesday night when the Knicks lost 122-119 to the Bulls in double overtime.

Asked by The Post about her relationship with the Knicks star, Selter insisted with a smile that the two were “friends.” Jen’s mother Jill, sitting beside her, pitched in: “You never know.”

Porzingis, who had 24 points, six rebounds, and four blocks in the defeat, earned praise from Selter. “He was great as always,” she said.

I guess that’s the end of the theory that Jen Selter’s ass is Kristaps Porzingis’ muse. Our boy KP had a fine game. 24/6/4 is a solid stat line and the overtime game-tying dunk would have maybe been the highlight of the season if the Knicks won.

But the Knicks lost. To the Bulls. For the 3rd fucking time this season. As much as I want to call Lauri Markkanen a bootleg Porzingis, I have to admit he brought the wood last night with 33 points and a dunk over The Underkanter that has definitely been viewed over 100,000 by the Turkish president.

Even though KP reminded Lauri who the king of the Baltics was later in the game.

After snatching Robin Lopez’s soul earlier in the game.

But the fact remains the Knicks lost that game despite Selter being in attendance. Which hurts. The Knicks are fun but they are definitely not good. They can win at home but are a goddamn disaster on the road. To lose a home game not only with the Khaleesi of Cheeks watching but with Jarrett Jack’s old ass fucking around and getting a triple double is some depressing shit. And if you are a sabermetrics guy, this tweet from last week is a rough look for the Porzingass power couple.


Yeah you can say that it’s a coincidence or the lack the Shimmy Hardaway has hurt KP’s numbers. But if we are being honest, our 7’3″ unicorn may be majestic and gaining weight. But he is still skinny as fuck. You guys know I think the world of that my little Latvian angel. But that ass could put even the biggest and strongest men on the planet on the PUP list for months at a time. Forget about a lanky, tall dude. Phil Jackson probably dreams of that ass posting up in the paint all day and night.

And while I’m not saying that these two have ever or will ever share a bed, this is the 2nd time Selter has gone to a Knicks game and tweeted something about being up late at like 5 in the morning.


Plus once you start offering follow backs for retweets of someone else’s cause, that basically makes you a couple, right?


Okay Jen, I guess you earned a free plug for your Instagram account.