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How About Roger Goodell Moving The Release Time Of The NFL Schedule Specifically To Stick It To Mark Cuban And The Mavs


Roger Goodell


So yesterday was supposed to be the release of the NFL schedule, had been a date in the books for a long time, then all of a sudden at the last minute it was pushed to tonight. 8 pm et, no reason whatsoever right? Right? Oh wait, would you look at that, it’s the Dallas Mavericks with an away playoff game at what time? 8 pm eastern.





Total coincidence, has nothing to do with the fact that Mark Cuban said a month ago that the NFL is getting greedy and will be in trouble in 10 years right? Look, you can tell me it doesn’t matter that the two events now conflict or that it was merely a coincidence but I know better, you know better, just Roger Goodell swinging that ginger penis right in everyone’s face. Have some Cubes. NFL stole your your girl again. No one messes with good old Rogey boy, such a vindictive evil genius.





h/t merl