This Golf Guy Played 347 Rounds In 2017, And Finished With His 8th Ace

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A lot to unpack from Jim here. Let’s start with his first sentence: “When I finished my 344th round of the year on Thursday with three birdies I thought maybe this was where to end my golf hegira for 2017.” Hegira is defined as “the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib.” Jim is equating his year of golf to a Muslim’s pilgrimage to Mecca. Huge golf guy move. Right out of the gate, Jim not only slips in that he played 344 rounds, but also that he finished with three birdies. Who the fuck finishes a round with three birdies? THREE! That’s legit.

Next, he drops that he beat his old record of 342.5. That’s 686.5 rounds in 2 years, up to this point (math guy).

Alas, Jim wasn’t done there. The weather was good Thursday and Friday; he didn’t have a choice. Obligated to continue, perhaps the prophet himself, Jim played (“played well on both days,” too, by the way).

Still not done! Sunday, the temperature was just 41 degrees. Too cold for many, but not for Jim. He persisted. He played 18. He did it in 75 minutes. He aced the 17th.

It was the prettiest of Jim’s 8 aces.

One is forced to see this as a Christmas miracle, squeezing in rounds #345, #346, and #347, and ace #8, against all odds.

Go Jim Go.

BONUS: BIG TIME old man golf guy move here, going driver –> driver –> driver, birdie.

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Go Jim Go.