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Two Guys With No Arms Got Into A Fight And It Was A WILD Scene

Do you call this throwing hands or throwing chicken wings? Either way, those were some of the fastest punches I’ve ever seen. If one of them connected it would’ve been like getting hit with the claw end of a hammer. The only reason they didn’t connect is because they had to be within an inch of each other to land. Every time they got close the other guy would jump back.

Whenever I see a fight I always wonder what led up to it. But this one is obvious; they’re too similar.  The hood is only so big. Take it from a guy who grew up nowhere near it, it’s tough to carve out a niche. And once you have it, you need to protect it. If someone swagger-jacks you, you check them. It’s about respect, it’s about honor, it’s about reputation. You think if some gay guy walked into Barstool looking for a job I wouldn’t try to fight him? Think again. This office is just like the hood, it’s only big enough for one of us. I’d like to think these two settled it physically but it looks like they may have had to have a sit down and talk it out like big boys. Otherwise they would’ve been swinging for days.

PS: Say what you want about Cam’Ron but don’t ever say he’s changed. Guy’s been Instagramming fights since the mid-2000’s.