Does Donald Trump Know The Words To Our (The USA's) National Anthem?

My phone stopped working last night because so many people wanted to weigh in on whether our president knows (or should know) the national anthem. Me? I’m no pundit. I’m simply the vessel through which the good people get information. I present you a video and you tell me. Does the president know the words to that song that he’s made quite the hullabaloo about during the first quarter of his presidency?

ESPN obviously has their own slant on things (they do still employ Jamele Hill after all) so they picked and chose when to feature Trump during the telecast. So, here below is the full, unedited version of the anthem from a source who has no affiliation with ESPN, ABC.

That’s how I look at mass on Christmas or at a wedding, trying to keep up with whatever twists and turns the Vatican Council throws at us folks who were born Catholic but raised rational.

And even though Obama probably definitely kneels during the national anthem on a prayer rug facing Mecca in the privacy of his own home, even he could keep up appearances and sing with his chest.

The way Donald is waving back and forth and fidgeting with his hands, he looks like a kindergartner forced to be in his school’s play when all he really wants to do is go pee and drink apple juice. Trump, unfortunately, was raised in a foregone age where doctors didn’t test for and over-diagnose ADD. So, as per usual, I have a solution. Ritalin. Adderall. Lots of it. He’s a fidgeter. Pump that stable body with some legalized amphetamines and watch the problems melt away. Not only will he be able to stand still, but he’ll have every word to the Star Spangled Banner memorized backwards. You’re welcome.