Klay Thompson Attempting To Speak Japanese And Being Proud of Himself is Vintage Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson continues to be my favorite NBA personality BY FAR and maybe my favorite sports personality in general. I don’t know why but I giggle when gets all serious and goes “say it one more time.” Once he nails it he’s so impressed with himself despite probably being stoned out of his mind. I don’t doubt one bit that Klay went home that night and learned the entire Japanese language.

I can’t tell if he does this on purpose or not just to mess with the media and come off as shy and awkward, but it’s hilarious. Whether it’s commenting on NYC scaffolding, knocking a Gatorade bottle off the press conference table, or any of his adventures in China, I laugh at anything he does. He can’t be that awkward in his private life right? It has to be a bit of an act because he’s always rumored to be with models like Abigail Ratchford or Hannah Stocking. Unless those girls are straight up chasing NBA super stars, Klay has to have some game behind the awkwardness. Either way, I hope it never changes.

Just listen to Curry talk about Klay showing emotion during the Rockets game last week.

“It’s always fun when you get any kind of emotion out of him. A fist bump, a smile, make eye contact whatever it is.”

If you take that quote out of context and forget Klay is an NBA player, you’d think Klay Thompson had a mental disorder or was slow. But no, that’s just Klay. He’s in his own world. I don’t know how to describe his humor, but it gets me every time.