The NFL's Leading Tackler, Green Bay's Blake Martinez, Had the Gamertag "PussyFucker69" in College and Didn't Know How to Change It

Blake Martinez, leading NFL tackler. Also big sex guy

PussyFucker69. Classic gamertag a friend made you that you cannot change. First question why is your buddy creating a gamer account for you? That’s odd. I’ve got another question….So you go to Stanford and graduate with a degree in Management Science and Engineering in 3.5 years, I mean you have to be a smart guy. Getting that degree from any college is big time stuff, but now we’re talking about Stanford. So you mean to tell me Blake Martinez couldn’t crack the code of how to change your gamertag from PussyFucker69? I call bullshit. It’s not brain surgery Blake, you go to settings probably and it says change your username like you would for any platform ever that’s required you to make a username and you change it. I get the vibe that Blake just didn’t care, got a little giggle out of it, and made it all a joke. You’ve gotta think Gronk was LIVID when he went to create a gamertag and this wasn’t available. Probably just add a few “69s” and that’s Gronk on Dota (whatever game that is).

I feel like everyone has had a ridiculous gamertag at some point in their life. I think at one point  mine was XxShAdOwKiLlA13xX on X Box for Gears of War and I was too poor to change it cause it cost like $15. Just a guy that kills your shadows. Come at me.

Here’s his hilarious profile view. I hope his Packers’ teammates call him Pussy Fucker for the rest of his career.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.35.19 PM