'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Auto-Tuned To A Major Chord Weirdly Sounds Like Some Soft Rock From The Early 2000s

Nirvirna – Teen Sprite from Sleep Good on Vimeo.

Kurt Cobain’s probably rolling in his grave right now, but I’ll be damned if that didn’t bang like something that’d play during the credits of a Frankie Muniz movie. Don’t get me wrong, this autotune takes it from being the most iconic grunge song of all time to being a middle-of-the-line Weezer song, but I kinda dig middle-of-the-line Weezer!

Side note here, and I’ve had this discussion with a ton of people, but I can’t wait until we have the technology to put on a Nirvana show. Like that hologram stuff they did with Tupac at Coachella, but in like, 30 years. Imagine how realistic it’s going to get? There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll see The Beatles live before I die, Nirvana’s on my shortlist as well. Who’s on yours?

h/t Jonah Schmitt