Happy National Bird Day!!

Happy National Bird Day everyone! What’s your favorite bird? The Bald Eagle? The African Grey? The Hummingbird? Well, here’s mine

Chills folks. Fucking chills. I’ve watched that homer no less than 500 times. Vasgersian’s call is perfect as the stadium absolutely loses it’s collective mind, causing the Yankees heart began to beat again. The homer that changed the ALDS against the unbeatable Indians. I woulda killed to be in the stadium that night. If Bird can manage to stay healthy he’s going to be something special for this team. His swing is so effortless and pure and is perfect for the short porch in right field. He makes the Yankees lineup so much more deadly because he brings with him a power bat from the opposite side of the plate. If Greg Bird can stay healthy this will be the best lineup in all of baseball and it won’t be close.

Fuck the cold. Fuck winter. I just want baseball back. 83 days until Yankees opening day in Toronto. I’m losing my mind here. It seems like forever since we’ve heard any Yankees news. Machado rumors here and there. Gerrit Cole still in play. But nothing concrete at all. Complain about this blog all you want, but it’s Friday I’m blogging this with gloves on cause Office Manager Brett can’t fix our heater and I miss baseball. Happy Bird Day to everyone besides the city of Boston.