The Bills Sent 1400 Buffalo Wings, 6 Gallons Of Blue Cheese, 9 Gallons Of Wing Sauce, And A Bunch Of Veggies To Cincinnati As A Thank You For Beating The Ravens

Look at the Bills continuing to stack the deck in the Karma category before Sunday’s game against the Jaguars. For a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs since Robbie Fox was a toddler, they are showing a ton of First we had Bills fans coming out in droves to donate to Andy Dalton’s charity.

And now the Bills franchise went the Gift of the Magi route and donated their most treasured possession to the city of Cincinnati. Pretty much one of those mayors bets but without a couple of dickhead politicians involved. It turns out #BillsMafia isn’t just about broken tables and savagery at its finest after all. It’s also about helping each other and a shitload of Zubaz. Hopefully the Bills also included a letter to Bengals fan apologizing for giving ownership a reason to bring back Marvin Lewis off of a win. For all the good juju these acts could bring the Bills, inadvertently sentencing another tortured fan base to AT LEAST two more years of misery seems like this could all end up being a karmic wash by Sunday. And maybe throw a few extra gallons of blue cheese in because that doesn’t seem like enough for 1400 wings and nobody likes having dry wings.

Then again, this tweet has me believing the Bills actually have a shot despite their best player being hurt and the Jaguars defense being maybe the most dominant unit in football this season.


Call it a coincidence all you want, but as somebody that believes in signs, that is some real deal Winter Is Coming shit. If I was the Jaguars, I would try to offset all this Bills juju by making sure the biggest Jags fan on the planet is in Jacksonville for Sunday’s game.

Oh hi Chaps! I already knew you were going to the game. Now if you will excuse me, I must include a video of the biggest Jags fan on the planet.

Man I am so happy that these two teams are not only in the playoffs but also playing each other.



As well as those glorious fanbases.