Is Mike Lombardi The Guy Who Leaked All The False Info To ESPN? Probably.


So by now everybody has read the newest propaganda piece in ESPN’s never ending war against the Patriots. 9 billion words about nothing. Predicting the end of the Patriots dynasty. Saying this will be the last year for Belichchick and Brady together. That Goodell and Belichick are suddenly best friends. The Pats have responded with a 3 person press release from Brady, Belichick and Kraft saying it’s all garbage and rubbish which it is. That We Stand United. To be honest it’s exactly the stuff the Pats needed heading into the playoffs to refocus us and get us our 6th Superbowl title. So even though I’m happy this article came out I still need to expose the coward who did this.  Just like I exposed the mastermind behind Deflategate (Hello Mike Kensil) I have high level sources who are telling me the rat is Mike Lombardi. Why would he do this? That’s a little more complicated. I’ve heard everything from he is slowly getting phased out of Belichick’s inner circle, to he has a huge ego, to he hates Belichicks kids, to he hates Matt Patricia. Whatever his reasons may be my sources are confident this all comes from him. Who are my sources you ask? Do I have real intel? Umm cue the video.

Hey Lombardi….I’m watching you buddy. I know what you did and now so does everybody else. Mort, Kensil, Tomase, Lombardi, Goodell etc. Your name has been added to the list.   And trust me dude this is not a list you want to be on.