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Philly Dad Measures His Son Monthly With Cheesesteaks Because Of Course He Does

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Philly – A Philadelphia father has started a unique family tradition that involves cheesesteaks — but not eating them. Instead, Brad Williams uses the sandwich to measure his son, Lucas Royce Williams. The tradition started in 2015 when Williams bought cheesesteaks for dinner shortly after Lucas was born. “I realized the cheesesteak was a pretty close size to my son,” said Williams, whose son Lucas was 2 weeks old at the time. Williams took a picture of his son with the cheesesteak, and shared it on Facebook with friends and family. “[The photo] got a good reaction on Facebook, so I decided to make it a monthly tradition,” Williams told ABC News. Every month for a year, Williams made sure to get a cheesesteak for dinner. Lucas is an only child, but if he gets a sibling, Williams says they will be continuing the cheesesteak tradition. Said Williams, “It’s fun and it puts a smile on people’s faces. Plus it’s a reason to eat cheesesteaks every month.”

And why not? As far as the measuring, cheesteaks are very accurate for scale. In fact, the metric and standard systems can might as well go the way of the dodo. The standard cheesesteak distributed might as well be as exact as a tape measurer. It’s a scientific fact that 1 cheesesteak isn’t enough to satisfy and 2 is more than enough to make you shart on command – 100% of the time, every time. But this combo of babies and cheesesteaks are both cute and delicious. Let’s Hope Solo that shit up 12 times a year! Just look at the adorbs!

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#ICantEven. Totally harmless for everyone involved unless some thing bastardizes the cheesesteak with crab meat. Or until the kid is forced to be a meat model so much it damages him from the deliciousness for life. Pops can’t win ‘em all. Or any:

h/t Matty Murphy