Shout Out To This Hero Who's Willing To Risk It All For His Job As A Grubhub Driver

So, I was actually writing a blog about how Mike Trout is a weather-obsessed freak who was AMPED about the bomb cyclone coming and I was gonna throw a bomb cyclone video in there for effect, and that’s when I came across this hero right here. Boston was an apocalyptic scene yesterday after the bomb cyclone ripped through the city. You had massive floods all over the place, dumpsters were literally floating down side streets; it was absolute chaos. But amidst the chaos emerged a hero — this man right here, the Grubhub driver.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but being a Grubhub driver is the same thing as being an Uber driver, no? You make your own hours? You can do it as much or as little as you want? Come and go as you please throughout the day, even? In the middle of a fucking BOMB CYCLONE, this man got in his car, turned on his smartphone, and immediately started picking up meals and delivering them to hungry Bostonians who were trapped inside their homes due to the massive flooding and blizzard conditions.

He drove through ice, he drove through snow, he drove through rivers, he drove through mountains, he drove through hurricane-force winds, he drove through everything that should just simply not be driven through. And for what? What did he do all of that for? He did it for you. So that you could stay home. So that you could stay dry. So that you could stay warm. So that you didn’t have to pause Netflix on YOUR snow day. Well, guess what, pal? This guy doesn’t take SNOW days. He takes SHOW days, as in SHOW the world how dedicated I am to my job. God speed, Grubhub driver.