OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


College Football is immaculate. It’s so great for a bunch of reasons, but a prime example is how much of a roller coaster this past weekend was.

I mean the Belk Bowl started off the weekend at 1pm….on a Friday! That’s right, the best game of 2017 was on at 1pm on a Friday! If you show me any other game in the history of our great planet that can boast that stat, then I’m calling you a liar. Sadly a couple of dull games followed in USC/Ohio State and Memphis/Iowa State. Next thing we knew Saturday’s late doubleheader packed a punch with the Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl. The only con of the weekend had to be the solely NFL Sunday. That shit SUCKED. No night games on New Year’s Eve should be a punishable crime.

Once 2018 came along the UCF Knights proved to be for real and won the National Championship! As if that wasn’t enough, the Rose Bowl put asses in the seats more than any game in recent memory. If only the Sooners were lucky enough to be the ones to move on because that Saban v. Baker storyline would’ve easily made Monday night’s game one to remember. I’m confident the 2006 Rose Bowl would’ve been cucked.

Anyways it’s time for a new week of gambling. It’s Wild Card Weekend in the NFL! Which means only 4 games to play, we may have to dabble in the uncharted territory of basketball for the first time since ‘Nam. Godspeed to me on these.

  • Panthers at Saints Over 48
    • Drew Brees against Cam Newton in the Wild Card game? Sign me the fuuuuck up. I never realized how good Drew Brees has been in the postseason with 3500+ yards, 24 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions in his 11 career postseason games. Those are some video game numbers for when it matters. Looks like we’re just gonna need Cam to hold up his end of the bargain and we should clear the 48 in their 3rd meeting of the season. This is gonna be a fucking tremendous football game.
  • Oregon at Oregon State Over 143
    • I admittedly haven’t been watching all too much College Basketball this season which I never really do until Football ends. I need a ‘peaceful transition’, if you will! But this is a scarce weekend and it seems this is the go-to game tonight. I mean how lucky are we to be blessed with the Civil War of the Beaver State on a night like this? Can’t take this stuff for granted. Not to mention the Ducks pop in 83 points a game. Good enough for me.
  • Knicks at Heat Over 202
    • The Knicks score more on the road than they do at home and the Heat score more at home than they do on the road. That, my friends, is a stat I can get behind! And a 202 is pretty nice for the NBA . All we would need is 51 points a quarter. No problem folks! This timed NBA rivalry is combining for 203 points tonight.

Well that’s all for me this week, folks. As always you can find me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. Enjoy the weekend and, more importantly, congratulations to the UCF Knights! 2017 National Champions!