Alex Trebek Recently Underwent Surgery For Blood Clots On His Brain But Should Be Back On Jeopardy "Very Soon"


Variety- Alex Trebek is taking a brief medical leave from his work as host of “Jeopardy” following surgery last month. Trebek is set to return to taping “Jeopardy” in mid-January. He underwent surgery on Dec. 16 for a subdural hematoma, or blood clots on the brain, that he incurred from a fall back in October. He was released from the hospital on Dec. 18. “Jeopardy” producer Sony Pictures TV said Trebek, 77, is expected to make a full recovery.

Because of “Jeopardy’s” long lead time in taping, the only change to the show’s on-air schedule will be the shift of its College Championship episodes from March to April.

I’m not gonna lie, hearing about Alex Trebek having surgery for brain clots was like hearing a close personal friend had surgery. I invite that man into my house five times a week and he makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me a smarter person every single time. I’m just going to come out and say that I love Alex Trebek. We don’t say the L word enough these days.

Luckily our fearless leader had a message for his legions of fans to assure everybody that he was alright.

Damn, even the way he explains having blood clots on his brain is done with such grace and elegance. Dude still has his fastball humming at 95 MPH despite being 77. And I’ll admit, finding out that Alex Trebek is 77 was flat out startling. I mean that math adds up. He’s been the host of Jeopardy forever. But he looks and acts like a guy in his 50s. I guess a mix of that Cali sun and great Canadian genes keep him looking young. And while a 77 year old getting hurt after falling down is raising a bunch of other red flags in my mind as well, but I am going to choose to ignore those. My good friend Alex will be just fine!

I also appreciate Jeopardy pausing production instead of wheeling out a guest host while Alex recovers. Putting someone else behind that podium would be disrespecting the show and the man. Nobody in the world can hold a candle to the King of Quiz Shows. The Duke of the Double Jeopardy. The GOAT of Gameshow Hosts. Trebek has it all. The class, the sass, the jokes, the swagger, and of course the accents

and the smoothest canuck spitting bars this side of Drake.


In the meantime, I’ll sign up for some Jeopardy reruns as Alex is on the mend. Maybe replay some of the closest matches in the show’s history. Relive the absolutely PREPOSTEROUS Ken Jennings run. And of course, the magical ride of the Kirstin Train.

Get well soon, Alex!