All Alvin Kamara Wanted To Do With His Signing Bonus Was Eat "Some Motherfucking Wings"

SI - Like most famous people, Kamara has received offers for other free things. A protein drink company has sent him several cases, unsolicited, which he keeps in the corner of his kitchen and says he needs to donate or get rid of, because he doesn’t drink that protein shake and refuses to endorse a product he doesn’t use. That wouldn’t be organic. That wouldn’t be Kamara. Neither would taking the free cars that several dealerships have offered. Or the yacht that one fan on Twitter said he’d give him. “Even if I wanted a boat,” Kamara says, “what the f— am I going to do with a boat right now?”

He had no desire to make an outlandish purchase after he was drafted, because there was nothing he wanted. “I got my signing bonus and I put that s— in the bank and I went and got some motherf—ing wings,” he says. That is Kamara.

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Cool story in SI about Saints RB Alvin Kamara. I get a strong, strongggg Ricky Williams vibe from him. Kamara is all about good vibes, staying true to himself, and getting some motherfucking wings. Not a bad 1-2-3 punch for a 22 year old rookie.

I know that I would not have the same self-control if I was a hot shot, superstar NFL player. Who in their right mind can turn down free cars? And most importantly, who can turn down a boat? I don’t need a boat, but I know I’d buy one the second I had money. I’d be wasting so much money on that boat it’d make your head spin. It actually makes me not trust Alvin Kamara. It doesn’t matter what you need a boat for. It doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of a desert with not a drop of water in a 45 mile radius. When you have “fuck you I’m buying a boat” money, you buy a boat. You take your motherfucking wings and eat them on your boat. I don’t care if that thing stays docked 364 days a year. The whole point of having money is to buy a boat, and I will never believe otherwise. And the thing is, I don’t even love boats. I get sea sick kinda easily. I take the ferry from New Jersey to Manhattan every morning, and if it’s windy or rainy and the boat is a bit rocky, I get nauseous to the point of nearly puking. But wouldn’t stop me from flexing if I had boat buying money. You’d see me on the SS Spider Monkey, cruising around with my pals, drinking Busch Lights and throwing up overboard every time we hit some choppy water. The America Dream.