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The Fact That The Stoolies Sort Of Had A Hand In Getting Darren Rovell Twitter Suspended Might Be The Best Story Of The Year

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So if you remember on Sunday night Rovell sent out a tweet fat shaming the guy sitting courtside at the Bulls game.



After which I tweeted out that Rovell is part of America’s bullying problem. And stoolies pounced. Brutalized him for being such a vicious bully. Because if there is one thing we can’t stand it’s people being mean to others on the internet. Just can’t have it, gotta be a real jerk face to make jokes about some one else. I think we all (bloggers, stoolies, commenters) can agree on that. The minute you start making fun of anyone is the minute you’ve lost us. Won’t stand for it.



Anyway, flash forward to yesterday and it’s crickets from Rovell. The last tweet he made was the apology from Sunday night.

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This is a guy who LIVES to tweet. A guy who probably tweets in his sleep and he had nothing for an entire day. Which can mean only one thing, DareBear got himself a little suspension. 1 week? 2 weeks? Who knows? But ESPN answered the outrage (a lot of it mock outrage from us) and came down HARSH on big bad D. I would call it pussification of America on ESPN’s part but obviously I can’t because like I said above, we don’t do mean people here at Barstool. So Darren, I hope you learned your lesson dude. Bullies never win and winners never Bully.

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In all seriousness though, that tweet by Darren was like the first funny thing he ever did. Let a songbird sing ESPN, one time.