Big East Shootaround Host Tries To Battle The Bomb Cyclone and Almost Shatters His Spine

I don’t exactly know why, but I cannot stop laughing at this. Dude is just tryna get everyone to watch Big East Shootaround at 3:00 while they brave the Bomb Cyclone on the way to work. Literally none of these people know what the Big East is. My guy John Fanta here is just begging for someone to say yes to watching the show and finally he gets this guy who just wants to stop being harassed, won’t even download the app for Christ’s sake. Having been so flustered he got someone, he falls victim to the harrowing winds of the Bomb Cyclone and TIMBER. John Fanta just loves his Big East Shootaround and will die doing what he loves. I must say, a pretty good way to get someone to watch a weekday afternoon college basketball show is to fracture your spine during a blizzard.

This thing literally looks like the Day After Tomorrow from outer space