What Was Better: Knowing You Had A Snow Day In Advance, Or Finding Out The Morning Of?

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As I was scrolling down my timeline, I came across this tweet from everyone’s favorite caller on Barstool Radio/member of Team Portnoy, 15 Year Old Steve. He’s FIRED UP because his high school announced they’d be taking the day off tomorrow, as he should be. I mentioned that finding out you had a snow day twelve or so hours in advance was probably the greatest feeling ever, and Frankie Borrelli/Glenny Balls/Ria all slightly disagreed. They said they always preferred finding out the morning of, when they were already dreading going to school that day. We got into a bit of a discussion about it, and all understood the other side’s points, so I’m throwing the question out to you guys.

What was better: knowing you had a snow day in advance, or finding out the morning of?

Finding out the day before was always my favorite, because you knew you could stay up late and play Halo with your buddies, sleep in the next day, and put off any homework/studying you had to do a full 24 hours. Finding out on a Thursday that school on Friday would get cancelled due to snow is a level of happiness I’m not sure I’ve obtained since middle school. Getting that call on the morning of is SO clutch though, because all of that dread sinks away in the blink of an eye. It’s like a walk-off home run. You know the possibility is there, so you ask your parents, and if the answer is “Go back to bed”, the shot of adrenaline you get is enough for you to never sleep again. It’s an awesome feeling, but also part of the reason I actually liked finding out the day before. I would be so excited I wouldn’t be able to sleep, and nothing’s better than sleep.

Either way though, snow days were the SHIIIIIIITTTT and provided some of my best memories of middle/high school. Nothing was worse than getting a call from the school on a snowy morning, being PUMPED, and then finding out you just had a delayed opening, though. Life’s first cocktease.