President Trump Absolutely Roasts The Shit Out Of Steve Bannon's Dead Body



Goodness gracious, Donnie! What a statement. Every single thing that the President said there is gonna eat at the heart of Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon wants to be the head dingaling in charge of far right folks. He’s out there giving speeches and name dropping and story dropping left and right.

Bannon’s new book is coming out so he’s telling the juiciest stories that he knows. He’s dropping words like treasonous meetings and saying things like Donald Trump Jr is gonna crack like an egg. It feels so much like real life is an episode of Game of Thrones. Havent heard much from Mueller in a few weeks so at the end up Season 2 episode 10, a once-faithful ally turns his back on the President. The President wont take that laying down so he fires off a statement going after who many regard as Trump’s ideological partner. What happens in episode 11? Well,,,it’s hard to say. I’m gonna need a longer recap than usual because between Bannon, Trump, North Korea, and nuclear buttons, this week’s show was action-packed.