Police Find An Ounce Of Weed At A Party And Arrest 63 People Who Were "Within Reach" Of The Bag

HuffPo- At least 63 people were arrested over the weekend on suspicion of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana after police were unable to identify the actual owner of the drug stash found at a house party in Cartersville, Georgia, over the weekend.

Cartersville police said they arrived at the party — billed as a lingerie-themed 21st birthday bash, according to WXIA-TV — about 2:20 a.m. Sunday after receiving a 911 call about possible gunshots. Police, who called in the county drug task force to assist in the investigation, said they found two firearms at the scene, including one that had been reported stolen in Detroit, as well as “several smoking devices” and “suspected cocaine.”

“All the subjects at the residence were placed under arrest for the possession of the suspected marijuana which was within everyone’s reach or control,” said the Bartow Cartersville Drug Task Force in a news release.

We got ourselves a good old-fashioned “lingerie-themed 21st birthday bash,” replete with guns, cocaine, and *gasp* marijuana. When the coppers burst in, all hell broke loose. “WHOSE BAG OF WEED IS THAT?” screamed one, discharging his weapon into the ceiling for effect. Ignoring the guns and cocaine, the cops immediately drew a perimeter around 63 people who could have snuck a finger into the bag for a little nuggy sniff. For surely, these hoodlums were seconds from sparking up a joint and scorching their futures to ashes.

Now… 63 people were within reach of the marijuana? I call foul. Picture an elevator. Let’s call it your typical office elevator that can fit about 10-15 people. If you placed a bag of weed on the floor in the middle of that elevator, all of the occupants could grab it. But anyone outside that first ring of people would have a hard time reaching through the eager potheads for some dank nugs. For one, they’d have to find a gap between the bodies which would inevitably result in inappropriate touching. And a crowded elevator filled with potheads and sticky wet crystal THC broccoli is no excuse for inappropriate touching.

If these cops had been honest with themselves, they would have arrested no more than 15 of these potential pot-smoking, backpack-wearing, headphones-blaring, skateboard-popping, energy-drink-sipping, conspiracy-theorizing, gay-rights-supporting, future-architecture-award-winning ragamuffins. And even then, do we really need to arrest people for pot anymore? Seems like the stolen gun and the cocaine would make more sense.